SmartDeyeDongle V4 (Local South Africa shipment only)

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This device plugs into the RS485 Port on your Deye/Sunsynk inverter and connects to your WIFI. It exposes the inverter as a plug-and-play device in home asssistant.


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  • RS485 Communication module
  • ESP32 DevKitC Microcontroller (pre-flashed)

Not included (can be added to the order):

  • Power cables
  • RJ45 Communication cable (CAT5/6)
  • No protective case included

What you need to have already:

  • You need to be running a 3.6/5/6/8/12/14/16 kW single phase Deye/Sunsynk/Sol Ark hybrid inverter, Master & Slave configuration supported.
  • You need to be running a 6/8/10/12 kW 3Phase Deye/Sunsynk/Sol Ark hybrid inverter
  • You need to be running a 12/20/30/50 kW 3Phase High Voltage Deye/Sunsynk/Sol Ark hybrid inverter
  • You need the a port (BMS485/CAN485 ) on your inverter available for the RS485 device to plug into
  • You need to have a 2.4GHz wifi network at the inverter with reasonable network coverage.
  • You will need to run your own Home Assistant server (free software )

Powering the device:

  • It can either be powered via the 12V output on the inverter (needs power cable) or alternatively **Note*,
  • You need to have a micro-USB type B phone charger to supply power (depending on the microcontroller we have in stock this might be type C)


The DeyeSolarDesktop will give you a plug-and-play starting point to monitor your solar system


**Note: When powering directly from the inverter 12V supply please observe the correct polarity as the device does not have any reverse polarity protection. The SmartDeyeDongle can take input from 5-16V DC.

The 8kW inverter supplies + 11, and – 12 on the function port (positive on pin 11 and negative on pin 12)

The 16kW inverter supplies RSD_out 12V on pin +15 & – 16 on the function port

The 12kW inverter supplies RSD_out 12V on pin +7 & – 8 on the function port (On the right)

The 5kW documentation makes no mention of any 12V output

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Single Phase 3.6kW, Single Phase 5kW, Single Phase 6kW, Single Phase 8kW, Single Phase 12kW, Single Phase 16kW, 3 Phase 6kW, 3 Phase 8kW, 3 Phase 10kW, 3 Phase 12kW, 3 Phase 20kW HV, 3 Phase 50kW HV, 5kW Master&Slave, 8 kW Master&Slave, 8 kW X3 3Phase, 5 kW X3 3Phase


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