Firmware for Deye/Sunsynk/Sol-Ark/Noark (Full Version includes Dashboard)

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By purchasing this firmware you are contributing to the future development and support of this firmware.

This firmware enables your inverter to be controlled by home assistant and reports real-time data.

It plugs into a dashboard that can be loaded for free at   (follow youtube link for instructions)

Hybrid Inverters from Deye/Sunsunk/Sol-Ark/Magneto/Noark and other official re-brands (using the Deye design) are all fully supported.

It supports 3.6/5/6/8/10/12/14/15/16kW Single phase and Split Phase.

3Phase 6/8/10/12 kW Supported

3Phase 20/30/50kW High Voltage Supported

American Standard Split/Bi-Phase Supported

Master/Slave is currently supported by 2 separate dongles (and 2 sets of firmware).


  • First flash your microcontroller with the Inverter demo software available on the site and see if it works.
  • Be sure the use the port meant for BMS comms (BMS485/CAN485). Not to be confused with the meter RS485 port
  • Then purchase the firmware and request your inverter serial number be registered for updates.
  • Please note this is still a manual process for now (via email), we are working towards automating this.
  • Check for updates will report “Available” then proceed to click upgrade.
  • Upgrade process takes about 1 minute after which it will reboot and have a new identity.
  • You will receive an email with the decryption password to register with Home Assistant


This firmware is only compatible with ESP32 and requires tx_pin: GPIO17   and  rx_pin: GPIO16, with auto-negotiation.

Firmware is copyrighted and you are purchasing a licence for a specific inverter serial number.

No unauthorised duplication and reverse engineering is allowed.

Additional information

Inverter System

Low Voltage Home 3.6kW-16kW, High Voltage Commercial 12kW-50kW


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